Psoriasis treatment


Today, psoriasis is one of the most common skin diseases in the world. Researches show that 120-180 million people suffer from psoriasis, affects about 2-3% of the Earth’s population. The main reasons are the contamination of our modern world and the stressful lifestyle. Regardless of age and gender, you can develop it at any time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely cure it, but there are effective treatments available.

The evenly famous medicinal water of Harkány is proven the most beneficial alternative treatment for the psoriasis. Three elements are needed for the cure: medicinal water, sunlight, and physiotherapy. Just a few hotels in Europe can offer services that are adequate enough to treat the problem of the Guests and the Thermal Hotel Harkány is one of them.

The basic treatment is the following:

  • First dermatological examination
  • Regular dermatological supervision
  • 2x30 minutes/ day spa bath in medicinal water
  • Light therapy (with 311 nm wavelength UVB / PUVA treatment)
  • Anthralin (dithranol) treatment with short contact time
  • Non-steroid local treatment on demand

·         Final test, summary

Treatments are performed in separate rooms in discrete conditions. Patients receive the light treatment directly after the first bath (taking strict account of contraindications). After that, an anthralin (dithranol) treatment with a contact time of 20 minutes is used. At the end of the treatment period, the ointment is removed from the skin surface with a shower gel containing medicinal water. We also provide skin care ointment for our guests.

In case of problems with joint, the treatment is added with the following:

·         Rheumatological examination, constant medical supervision

·         Physiotherapy

All patients are treated personalized. Our treatments are primarily recommended for chronic stationer plaque psoriasis problem and the possibly associated rheumatoid arthritis.