Alpine Sauna Village



Finnish sauna

Due to the paintwork of the indoor thermal pool, it is clear to all of us that the Sauna Land is the entrance to a new world. The eye-catching picturesque of an alpine village hides the Finnish saunas.It’s unique and extraordinary at the same time. Two Finnish saunas with different temperatures, an infra sauna decorated with salt bricks, a bio sauna, a steam room cabin are all accessible for our guests. The breathing space has the exit to the veranda of a bigger outdoor sauna.

The sauna has both preventive and complementary functions in our lives.

It’s a place to find peace of mind, relaxation and contentment (especially in winter months). In other words, a way to deal with daily stress with a smile on your face and a spring in your step.

Some of the other benefits associated with saunas and steam baths include:

  • Blood vessels become more flexible and there is increased circulation to the extremities. During a sauna, blood flow to the skin increases to as high as 50-70% of cardiac output (compared to the standard 5-10%). This brings nutrients to subcutaneous and surface tissue resulting in glowing healthy skin.
  • Relief from the pain and stiffness of arthritis.
  • Steam is an excellent treatment for respiratory problems, such as chest congestion, bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.
  • Revives tired and strained muscles after physical exertion.
  • The cleansing effect of profuse perspiration helps provide healthy skin and a clear complexion.

The temperatures are 80-85 degree Centigrade and 95-100 degree Centigrade.

Steam bath

It has the benefits mentioned before (but with lower temperature 45-50 degree Centigrade and 100% steam content), it helps us maintaining our health and beauty. Steam baths also induce sweating to provide a comprehensive cleansing of the skin and sweat glands. Skin is the largest organ in the body and 30% of body wastes are passed through the skin.  Profuse sweating enhances the detoxifying capacity of the skin by opening pores and flushing impurities from the body.


Infrared Sauna

Advantages of Infrared Sauna Therapy:

  • Detoxification. Removes heavy metals and harmful toxins stored in the body.
  • Promotes better sleep, relaxes, melts away tension.
  • Reduces some problems associated with aging.
  • Helps clear cellulite, tones and hydrates cells and pores.
  • You can burn as much as 600 calories or more in 30 minute session through profuse sweating.
  • It’s also a pain relief, beneficial for arthritis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and sprains.
  • Strengthens cardiovascular system. Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, and it helps stabilizes blood pressure, too.

Turkish bath

The Hamam combines the functionality and the structural elements of its predecessors in Anatolia, the Roman thermae and Byzantine baths, with the Central Asian Turkish tradition of steam bathing, ritual cleansing, respect of water, and massaging.

Information and general guide lines

- Before the sauna, it’s advisable to drink green tea or a glass of water to avoid desiccation.

- Visitors are required to use a sheet or other suitable textile material to sit on/ lie on benches in the sauna room.

- Please leave the slippers outside!

- We recommend the use of bench cloth or towel under bather in sauna for personal hygiene.

- After the sauna, cool off by taking a shower.

- It is required of everyone not to behave in an indecent and disturbing manner.

- The use of mobile phones is not permitted.

Individuals intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, persons suffering form any form of known communicable diseases presenting a danger to health of other persons present in the natatorium, individuals suffering from fever, conjuctivities, skin rash, running sores or discharge, persons carrying intestinal diseases are not permitted to enter the sauna services.

Children are permitted to take the sauna procedure only over 14 years old or under direct supervision of an adult. Everyone can use the sauna only at their own risk.