Tidy hands and nails speak of self-reliance and convey confidence. Changes in weather have an impact on our body, so it is important to pay attention to the care of our hands. From the aspect of good appearance, the care of the skin and nails is important.


It is important to pamper not just the skin and the hands, but also our legs. They deserve attention not just because of aestethic reasons, but because we walk 8-10 thousand steps with them a day. Therefore to have them in good state, means less health problems on the long run.


Our beauty and the harmony of our looks influence our self-confidence. Beautiful hair is recognized and praised by everyone, everywhere. Let the nursing of our hair be more than a task, let it be an experience! The knowledge and creativity of our hairdresser, combined with Wellas’ world-renowned expertise gives us the opportunity to create the best look for everyone.. Registration is in the medical-reception.

Sweet chocolate treatment

Try the magic of chocolate! The beautifying and regenerating chocolate treatment brings your skin into a new shape and even has positive effects on your soul! (peeling, gel mask, oil, chocolate buttercream) Cocoa in chocolate has a beneficial effect on health as its antioxidant effect protects the body from oxidative cell damage. Rich in proteins and vitamins, improve skin quality.

Callux PRO professional wellness pedicure

In contrast to the traditional pedicure, Callux Pro professional foot care system provides a wellness experience for our guests. At the beginning of the treatment, after soaking, we dissolve the dead epithelial cells with a gel containing organic matter. Without scalpel and abrasive machine, we groom painfully and hygienically smooth, At the end of the treatment, we use nourishing, intensive moisturizing creams to pamper yout feet. The treatment can be supplemented with paraffinpack for a more pleasing effect.